Rare and Pretty Dolls are very aware of our responsibility to reduce our negative impact on our environment.

Here's some of the sustainable practices being incorporated into the creative process.


Reducing plastics. The first place I made an immediate reduction was in the adoption boxes.

PlasticNew adoption Box

I used to bubble wrap each item and secure with sticky tape. Whilst this is a secure way of packing it is not in keeping with my view on plastics and I never felt comfortable with it.

Since 2017 I've been making Puffy Pillows as an alternative.

I purchase the materials used for these at local donation outlets.

The fabrics I find are often themed quilting or vintage bedsheets and the cute prints make a lovely extra surprise for our customers.

The response to these was incredible and I have been encouraged by the feedback to venture further into sustainability.

Puffy Pillows

Recycle first.

There are a few places that were an obvious choice to recycle for me in my business. 

 Monster High, Bratz or My little Pony dolls are found in second hand markets and all started out in need of a makeover.

      Every Custom fashion doll comes in a tiny plushie bed made from an Egg Carton and reclaimed fabric.

BedBlythe bed

Reclaimed Stuffing.

Polyester Filling purchased in secondhand decorative cushions are treated and washed before being used to fill the heads and limbs of Reborn Dolls.

I use new plush stuffing for the bodies and the kits are purchased from the sculptors official list of suppliers.

Thank you so much for your support and taking the time to connect with my journey in this Rare & Pretty Doll house.

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