Golden Unicorn Faun

Rare & Pretty Dolls


Adorable Golden Unicorn in Milky whites and various shades Sunset Peach 
This One if a kind Unicorn Faun was made with a 16 Inch Kaelin asleep. 3/4 arms and legs with a soft suede premium body. She has a sparkly Golden iridescent horn and tiny tapping hooves in iridescent White,pink and yellow marbling.
Her furry Faun legs are covered in Premium plush toy furs. Fawn dappled to white long hair fur for the thighs. Soft grey lamb swirl for the calf section and a super plush white at the hoof.

all her exquisite details have been brought to life with genesis heat set paints.

she comes from the Tropical Island Calypso in the Milky Faun kingdom. As you can see she’s sleeping off her long journey to the mortal realm.
Comes with a lovely adoption unboxing Box.

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