17 Inch Repainted Gooliope Sundae.

Rare & Pretty Dolls


Lovely Gooliope has been repainted using layers of model paints, Prisma pencils, water colour pencils and multiple layers of MSC sealant.

She’s had her bubblegum pink and acid yellow curls replaced with a premium Japanese doll wig meant for dolls of the same size. It’s been pinned and glued into place so you can gently restyle into different looks.

I took apart a cute Lolita dress and petticoat to create her cotton crop and full skirt.

Her new shoes are repainted Marisol Coxil shoes to match her overall dreamy pastel look.

She has iridescent eyes and sparkling eyelashes to make sure we can still see them in all that creamy dreamy makeup.

Turning poor Gooliope into a dreamy pastel melting soft serve ice cream queen was a delight. Look out for more melty Sundaes.

comes with her Sundae seat of melty icecream.


She retains all her articulation and her outfit is fastened with Velcro for easy redressing.
She will arrive with her certificate of authenticity from Rare and Pretty Dolls.

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