Dolly Diorama Venus Bubbles

Rare & Pretty Dolls


Original Lagoona Blue repainted as a soapy Goddess with her magical mermaid bathroom Diorama Box.

She has that lovely blue skin tone and not the greyish skin that came with later edition Lagoonas. 

She has all her lovely details painted as a Soapy goddess.

Her eyes are closed as though she’s lost in song, rinsing off her pearly bubbles.

I’ve added blue eyelashes to her face for realism and expression.

Her hair is permanently fixed into a sweeping pastel rainbow up style with pearly bubbles and a ceramic starfish.


Her Pearly Shower is a clam shell that I have repainted into a magical iridescent combination of Cream and golds with pearlescent effects highlights in turquoise.


She retains all her articulation and is available with her certificate of authenticity from Rare and Pretty Dolls.

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